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We have worked in the industry for over 40 years combined and our skill sets complement each other well (a graphic designer/creative director, marketing and advertising strategist) allowing us to cover every aspect of a brand’s roll out.

Our clients come to us to create, improve, refresh or evolve their brand. They realise that something is not ‘quite right’ with their company’s brand appearance and approach us to help clarify, pinpoint weaknesses and eventually solve their (branding) problems. Our solutions focus on achieving specific business objectives and growth for our clients.

Philipp Schaper portrait photo
Philipp Schaper
account director

Philipp has been working in marketing and advertising for over 20 years and has been responsible for many successful national and state campaigns for clients such as Richards Mining Services, iiNet, Coventry’s, Friendlies Chemist and Federal Government campaigns. His strength is to work with clients to reach their objectives by thinking outside the square. Philipp is always happy to take on a challenge in the boardroom, the golf course or the hockey field.

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Lino Giangiordano portrait photo

lino giangiordano design director

Lino is a formally trained designer with a career that spans over 35 years. He brings a wealth of national and international experience with him through his work at Hulme Dickson Springham, one of Australia’s biggest design offices, as well as during his 6 years in Singapore spent at Su Yeang Design, and at the multi-national advertising agency Dentsu Young & Rubicam working on clients such as SingTel, Sony, Citibank and Ericsson mobile phones.

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